Wheatgrass Juice Proves To Be A True Gift To Mankind

Wheatgrass juice is growing in popularity as more and more people learn about this true wonder of nature. In fact, it is the only vegetation located on the planet that will certainly support a healthy animal from birth to a prime old age, according to the brilliant research scientist Dr. Earp-Thomas, an expert in grasses, plants and chlorophyll, soil analysis and leading former "grass expert" of the world.

Should we be looking more into this phenomenal green food?

On my journey back to wellness and increased vitality, I kept coming across the numerous benefits from drinking this green elixir. I decided to further delve into this topic. I was amazed at what I found out. I decided to share some of this green cocktail knowledge in hopes that it can continue to really improve lives as it already has for thousands.

Let me share a few of its remarkable uses:

  • Tenacious Ann Wigmore (1909-1994), The Wheatgrass Book and wheatgrass guru, helped thousands of people get well from chronic disorders for 30 years using this anti aging green drink.
  • Wigmore found regular wheatgrass juice consumption to be especially safe and effective treatment for: digestion problems, obesity, arthritis, emphysema, diabetes, gastritis, burns, high blood pressure, pancreas and liver problems, multiple sclerosis, asthma, eczema, ulcers, psoriasis, halitosis, body odor, constipation, skin issues, hemorrhoids, gastritis, oral infections, athlete's foot, bleeding gums, and even as a natural cancer treatment. After 20 years of teaching cancer patients about natural healing, she believes all types of cancer can be overcome.
  • Yes, Wigmore used the live energy juice as a safe, natural and no side effect immunological treatment for cancer. From her cancer research and hands on experiences, she consistently believes the green liquid to have anticancer abilities.
  • Ann Wigmore had provided regular wheatgrass juice to many people that were bedridden "incurables." After later checking with these ailing bedridden people of which she had previously made daily wheatgrass juice calls, none were bedridden anymore. Those with the desire, were happily able to go back to part time and full time work.
  • Eydie Mae, How I Conquered Cancer Naturally , overcame malignant breast cancer by attending Ann Wigmore's Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Massachusetts back in the early 1970's and by taking the nutritional approach to curing cancer. Eydie Mae acknowledged wheatgrass juice as being extremely important in helping to overcome her cancer.
  • There was even a pilot study study done in Israel in 2007 in which breast cancer patients were given wheatgrass juice to drink to help offset the damages from the chemotherapy to one's blood. The research study showed the effects of the chemotherapy were not finished from the wheatgrass juice. The study also showed blood building benefits from drinking this green "life changing" beverage. These initial results need confirmation in a phase III study.

Personally, I worked up to the whole idea of ​​actually growing my own wheatgrass. I certainly never could have imagined in a millions years that I would be growing wheatgrass. Well, I will have to say though, it is quite the conversation piece when friends come over to my house. I just like the convenience of growing it and not having to drive to a juice bar to obtain it.

It seems to give me an extra bounce in my step and I know I am doing my body good. Especially, when I know my diet has not been so great, I simply drink some wheatgrass juice and know I have dropped in some great live active enzymes and nutrition. I am also creating healthier blood inside my body. Bottoms up!

Perhaps pulling the wheatgrass juice into your diet will also strengthen your body as it has for countless others.

Article Author: Eryn Paige